We uncover the real reason Steve was so upset in this scene with Jaime’s wedding gown.



Wedding Reception Hangovers


During the course of my Bionic Ever After review and research, I ran across a few items I wanted to post separately.


The Invitation: On a few fan sites, you can find actual autographed invitations that were printed for the Bionic wedding event, although this prop was never used in the movie itself.


According to this, Jaime and Steve’s fictional wedding ceremony took place on Sept. 4, 1994. Which begs the question: was this the initial ceremony date that got postponed when Jaime fell sick, or the redo date?


Personally, I choose to believe these invitations were the ones that got lost in the mail... intended for parents Helen and Jim, son Michael Austin and Peggy Callahan, all of whom were mysteriously absent from the guest list on the big day.  As a loving memento and apology, Jaime and Steve (and those people who look like them) autographed them for their loved ones.


(Prop from the site The Bionic Woman Toys)


The Wedding Gown: Jaime’s beautiful dress that Ms. Wagner wore in the filming was recently located on a memorabilia auction site and sold back in 2002 for the disgustingly low price of only $619.




Forget that this was an actual Hollywood prop with history. When you compare $619 to the average price of any new wedding dress, this is highway robbery.


Why do I get the feeling some stingy guy bought this for his daughter’s Kardashian-style shotgun wedding—a WTF-was-I-thinking-marriage that failed a few months later—and this wound up with a $5 price tag slapped on it in a yard sale?!!  I cannot bear the thought. Please, if you own this dress, I implore you to drop me a line so Bionic Woman collectors can learn the real story on the fate of this beloved wedding gown.


The Bionic Woman Action Club: While searching for items to include in Jaime’s ‘Mom Wallet,’ I came across someone’s scanned 70‘s membership card to “The Bionic Woman Action Club.”


OMG I cannot stop laughing. What exactly is an “action” club? Do you get together with your friends and play pretend action scenes only? “No pretending to be a school teacher like Jaime. You can only do BIONIC ACTION, otherwise you can’t be in the club. Those are the rules.”


Or perhaps this is like a secret chick surfing membership card for single men. “Dudes, let’s go get some Bionic Woman action. I hear there’s a club downtown.” (I bet Steve has one of these cards.)


And what exactly constitutes being a “full-fledged member?” Was there a half-fledged membership available at a cheaper cost?  Maybe those kids weren’t very good at “action” and it resulted in an embarrassing club demotion.


Anyway, I’m thinking the Bionic Blonde should join this exclusive club. I cannot believe I missed out on this as a girl. I feel like such an outsider now, having never experienced even a half-fledged membership in The Bionic Woman Action Club. Does anybody know who I can contact to apply for membership? I think I really would have enjoyed this a LOT more than selling Thin Mint cookies for Girl Scouts. #TroopSalesLeader  #MyMomBoughtThemAll






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