MONDAY, MAY 27, 2013

Podcast Blast


Here's what happens when you get four fans of the Bionic Woman together to talk about the infamous 2-parter that started it all.


Backstory: John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson created Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast to discuss the Bionic series and episodes in-depth, and for each installment, they invite guests to sit in with them. They started the podcast show way back at the very beginning with Steve's jet-crash pilot movies, and have been going in chronological order—so it took a while for them to finally reach the SMDM episode that introduced Jaime Sommers as the world's first Bionic Woman.



I was thrilled when they invited me to parachute in for this event, along with James Sherrard, creator the internet's very first Bionic Woman site. I am in awe of Jim's heavily-researched knowledge of the series, plus he has an amazing collection of series memorabilia… INCLUDING some of Jaime's few existing, original wardrobe pieces, which of course makes him my new best friend.


John is a wonderful host and creator of the Chronic Rift network, and somehow manages to juggle a whole bunch of podcast series at once. I honestly don't know when he sleeps. Paul manages the infamous Bionicfans cyberspace network, including the original yahoo newsgroup. (We can blame him for talking me into doing this blog.) He has too many talents to list, but suffice it to say, Paul’s golden voice and editing skills bring a level of professionalism to this production that I'm sure a lot of other podcasters greatly envy.


All of these guys are awesome and smart and funny and we had a great time doing these shows. As one of the first female Bionic Woman fans to jump into this series in a full-fledged-site, bionic geekdom kind of way, they have all been incredibly supportive from day one, and you couldn’t ask for a nicer group of guys.


So okay I got a little podcast silly after a couple martinis, but trust me, I looked awesome in my 24-hour-car-insurance-live-operator microphone headset while we recorded these late one Friday night. And my bionic dog somehow managed to make her background singing debut with the rest of us in our spontaneous “Jaime’s Pie Shop” singing quartet. I will never learn what “vamoose” means and it would seem I have trouble conforming to their standard “Bionic Limbs” episode rating system.


But the best part of all? You will hear a chorus of angels when her majesty, Jaime Sommers, first appears. And this time you wont’ be imagining it.


You can download these 2 shows at the links below, or connect and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  These are always fun to listen to, even if you're only quasi-familiar with the episodes they're reviewing.





"The Bionic Woman Pt. 1"  Cyborgs A Bionic Podcast BW Pt. 1

"The Bionic Woman Pt. 2" Cyborgs A Bionic Podcast BW Pt. 2


Footnote 6/15/2013: Last evening the four of us got together again and recorded the podcasts for Parts 1 & 2 of “The Return of the Bionic Woman.”  Once again, we had WAY too much fun! Look for these to be released later.


Update 12/19/13. In an actual TRUE story of life imitating art, our “Return of BW” podcast recordings unexpectedly died a short while later in a hard drive crash, but were miraculously brought back to life by Dr. Bisson on the operating table. However, inexplicably—now all our memories of Steve have been erased.


You can download these new (back-from-the-dead) podcast episodes here:


“The Return of the Bionic Woman Pt. 1”  Cyborgs A Bionic Podcast Return of BW Pt. 1

“The Return of the Bionic Woman Pt. 2”  Cyborgs A Bionic Podcast Return of BW Pt. 2





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So what exactly is a podcast and does it come with crutches?



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