That nice woman who bears a striking resemblance to Jaime Sommers... The Bionic Woman was perfectly and Emmy-winningly portrayed by Lindsay Wagner, and Bionic Blonde bows to her greatness. (P.S. Queen Elizabeth, if you are reading this site—and we know you are, we’ve been tracking the hits from Buckingham Palace—we request you please bestow upon Lindsay the royal distinction of “Dame.”) If you would like to find out what Jaime’s better half Ms. Wagner is up to these days, we encourage you to visit this page on her website which offers like half a dozen ways she very graciously invites you to follow her ongoing work.  


 Bionic Woman Sites BionicWomanFiles.comFrom James Sherrard, the internet's first and best resource for series information. Plus a separate, ultimate collector website about Bionic Woman toys and merchandise. Also featuring the Bionic Kenner line is The Bionic Toy Action Page.          Podcasts Cyborgs: A Bionic PodcastHosts John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson exploring every episode of the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman Also from John S. Drew, an extra behind the scenes focus in The OSI Files. 


 Bionic Crossover Sites The CNN of bionic news from Paul K. Bisson: My blog nemesis Al Green. (Warning: mostly includes that OTHER show, so whatever):The Six Million Dollar Blog The Bionic Wiki (Kind of a mess, but contains some good info if you can figure out how to navigate it.) 


 Series Connections Kenneth Johnson, The Bionic Woman creator/writer/director/producer. Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman) on FacebookMartin E. Brooks (Dr. Rudy Wells) on FacebookSteven E. de Souza (Bionic Woman scriptwriter) on Twitter


 Get Yer DVDs All  seasons of The Bionic Woman have now been released by Universal on DVD in the U.S. You can find them at Amazon, Target, etc. It's also available on Amazon streaming.  In late 2015, Universal also released all 3 Bionic Woman seasons as a box set— but unlike its similar SMDM counterpart—they chose not to include the bionic reunion movies as a bonus for Bionic Woman fans. It is unclear if they will ever come to their senses on this missed opportunity.Currently the studio has not provided any information on the separate U.S. DVD releases of the 3 Bionic reunion TV movies. (These were included as bonus extras in TimeLife’s The Six Million Dollar Man series box set and also in Universal's box set) If there is any news, we’ll post that info here. In the UK there is now a complete Bionic Woman series boxed set available for Region 2 (only), distributed by Fabulous Films (Dec. 2012.) This collection does include the 3 Bionic reunion movies + some extras not available in the Universal U.S. releases. U.S. buyers can purchase this NTSC-formatted series, but will need a region-free or multi-region DVD player to view them.  


BIONIC REJECTIONOh yeah, so there may have been an NBC Bionic Woman series remake in 2007 for a short time—now available in dollar bins everywhere! (And furthermore, she wasn’t even a blonde.)






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