And who wouldn’t give their right arm for this? Apparently our poor Jaime did.



Jaime’s Bionic Arm For Sale? Nooooooooooo!


Jaime's bionic arm prop from the 1994 reunion movie Bionic Ever After is going up for auction this week.


Needless to say, we here at the Bionic Blonde find this sick, disgusting—and for the person who has everything—strangely, a great holiday gift idea!!


Hurry and bid high before the Russians bypass their old kidnapping plot strategies and snap up this top-secret technology simply by using their Visa card.


Ofershame. To think what poor Jaime must be going through right now, suddenly armless and being sold off in parts by the OSI like some outdated Radio Shack office equipment. What's next, Steve's bionic eye? Ewwwwww.


To deal with this shocking revelation, we're simply just going to make believe Dr. Wells has recently fitted Jaime with a brand new bionic arm. And that she can continue to type out her answers to "Ask Dr. Sommers" at 36,000 words per minute.


Seriously, this authentic Hollywood movie prop (where, SPOILER ALERT, evil Kim drugged Jaime and was trying to kill her by implanting a computer chip/ virus in her arm)… for real is going up for online auction at “Profiles in History” on Dec. 15, 2011. Bidding starts at $2000. Here's a direct link, (which may be dead after this auction ends) and also thanks to for breaking this news to us… gently.


Can’t think of a practical reason to own this genuine article from Jaime Sommers’ history? Just imagine what a beautiful centerpiece this bionic limb would make on your holiday table!


Not to mention a foolproof way to strong-arm your party guests into not double-dipping. We’re pretty sure Jaime *hates* when people do that, and we expect her bionic arm is programmed to react and discipline accordingly. Act now kids, this offer expires soon!



Footnote 12/16/11:  According to the auction site, Jaime’s bionic arm sold for $2,750 USD.

If you are the new owner of this fine appendage, please drop us a line (and a photo!). Bionic Blonde would like to keep track of all of Jaime’s bionic body parts in the event she needs a spare someday. We would also like to offer the new owner an exclusive interview, and like any good fake journalist working undercover, the Bionic Blonde would respectfully protect their identity.







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