The Bionic Blonde website gets a brand new dress.



Bionic Blonde 2.0

The New Website


If you're returning to this site after a hiatus, you've probably noticed things look a little different around here. Fear not, nearly all the original content and blog posts from the old Bionic Blonde site are still here, they've just been reformatted.


When I first launched in November of 2011, I used an Apple software program called "iWeb" to design and publish it—a blog-style template and format with little room for customization or expansion. But since I can't write code (that side of my brain is reserved for wardrobe), it was the best option I had at the time.


Then news came earlier this year that Google would begin dropping sites from its search engines that were not also mobile-friendly. I realized the Bionic Blonde Blog was in danger of becoming a dinosaur destined for extinction very soon. How could fans sitting at traffic lights trying to emergency-Google in what episode Jaime fought the Fembots be deprived of that information on-demand?  Nonsense! Rudy would never let Jaime and Steve's bionics become outdated and non-operational. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work in the operating room. Using the software Adobe Muse, I began to rebuild the entire Bionic Blonde website from the ground up.


This will be fun! I thought. Until I counted and realized there were over 100 pages of blog entries and episode reviews I would have to rebuild. And then I would have to start over and recreate all those same 100+ pages for tiny screen mobile viewing, too.  Ahhhhhhhh.  I also needed to revise my 3rd season episode reviews to include Jaime's wardrobe (which I didn't start documenting until later in that season) so I had to go back and recapture all of those clothing ensembles in order to debut a separate, comprehensive wardrobe library for the entire Bionic Woman series.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.


Six months and several cases of wine later, it's here! I really hope you like the new site. I will continue to tweak and improve going forward, and if you find any broken links or issues, please don't hesitate to let me know.


In the meantime, here's a quick rundown of what is new on launch date:



All 3 seasons + reunion movies in a responsive photo gallery. Due to the number of images, these pages are a little slower to load, but worth the wait. This format does not work well on smartphones, so I'll attempt to add that to the mobile site later down the road. This responsive grid may also wreak havoc on your tablet, so desktop-only viewing is recommended.


Not!Steve Vault

Now all Jaime's BFs are locked up in one handy little reference guide. For obvious reasons, Steve is not permitted to see this slide show record of her dating history.


Donate to Author

The time has come for me to radio Snow White and ask for back up. If you're a Bionic Woman fan who reads this site and would like to donate to help defray my monthly ftp host charges, I have set up a special PayPal account. Just click the "DONATE TO AUTHOR" button link located on the About page or Home page to join the crowd-sourcing of fans who would like to ensure Bionic Blonde keeps running on the world-wide interwebs.



A YouTube Channel, full page grid embed of all the videos in my Bionic Woman playlist.


Third Season

It was not until later in the Bionic Woman's 3rd season that I began to capture wardrobe, so I have gone back and added all that missing information, plus I rounded up or down any partial "tennis ball" ratings—and also added a few new photos and graphics, like this one for Brain Wash. --->


It's fun to be back and to share the new website with you. I hope you enjoy it!








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