This is what happens when you unleash two competing show bloggers in the Twitterverse. Game on.



Bionic Blog Wars


If you happen to follow The Bionic Blonde and The Six Million Dollar Blog (@bionicblog) on Twitter, you’ve probably been noticing a little accidental subplot emerging.


There is a Bionic Blog War going on. Because it’s high time somebody settled the all-important question we used to argue about when we were kids: Which Bionic character is the MOST. AWESOME—Steve Austin or Jaime Sommers?  And because Alex Green and I are both humor-based bloggers—and some would argue, certifiably insane—of course we are determined to settle this matter “intelligently.”


So with photoshop fully loaded, here are some recent examples of the arsenal we hurl back and forth at one another on the twitter battlefield—in chronological order of conversation.


The bionic competition is getting fierce out there again, kids. Naturally, I’m pretty sure The Bionic Woman is winning this by a mile.  (Sorry Steve!)  And please keep in mind that I adore Alex Green and have no immediate plans to stab his eyes out. Unless Twitter happens to offer that feature later on.





“Sweet Bionic Blonde, I’ll love you forever,

I know weeeeeeeeeeee’ll never part.

I love you like I’ve loved no other.

Make room for me in your blog.”




“I love you, Bionic Blonde, I’ve always loved you. But my show lasted longer than yours, nyahh nyahh.”












(Al has seriously designed a cool, digital version of the
Six Million Dollar Man Board Game)



(Click here for larger image)

Anyway, so if you really really like The Six Million Dollar Man series, (whatever *eyeroll*) you should definitely follow Al’s blog here. Someday supposedly he’s planning to review The Bionic Woman episodes, too. Yeah sure we’ll see. In the meantime, the Bionic Blonde is cranking out her Bionic Woman episode reviews at a steady pace while simultaneously designing her simple-to-play board games.


Your move, Alex.






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