Chasing Jaime Sommers


Growing up in a one-TV household, I had 3 brothers who surrounded me in age—who often teased me for being a “sissy”—and who usually controlled the voting majority for which channel to watch. Back in the 70s, our whirling TV dial was pretty much destroyed because we fought over it so often. One night while the substitute pliers were pointed to their choice of The Six Million Dollar Man (again), suddenly there was OMG ...cue angelic chorus... Jaime Sommers, the world’s first Bionic Woman. Yes!!! Score one for us sissies!


I was totally hooked. And the love story between Jaime and Steve was the best. Ever. But then they killed her the following week. (That rant is for another time.) And then she came back to life and all was right with the world again.


Why did I idolize Jaime Sommers so much?  This was part of my journey as I watched the show for the first time all over again more than 3 decades later and attempted to test her character and bionics and its relevance in a new age.


Subsequently was born, and evolved into something like a self-assigned creative thesis. It took me over 3 years to finish reviewing all of the episodes, which helped me appreciate why the show might want to wrap up after 3 years, too. We were all exhausted.

In the spring of 2015 I embarked on the next phase of Bionic Blonde—to completely overhaul the original blog-style format into a real website and include a reference library of the Bionic Woman's wardrobe.


When I'm not being a geeky fan girl, I'm a freelance copywriter, graphic/web designer and video editor in Nashville, Tennessee.


No, I am not a blonde, but I am threatening to become one soon if these little gray hairs don’t stop surfacing.


Emails and feedback are always welcomed. Over the years it has been a fun ride and I continue to meet a lot of wonderful people along this journey. Don't hesitate to drop me a line or post comments on our Facebook page.




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October, 2012

Sometimes on these journeys, you get to bump into some amazing people.





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